Track 1 (April 2018)

This song builds upon a brush drum sample taken from the „Nothing But Brushes“ library. I added additional drums using a standard drum kit from the Yamaha Montage. The base sounds are played using the Montage synthesizer. All electronic guitars are recorded using the Fractal Audio AX8 system and a Fender Stratocaster. Nylon guitars are recorded directly through a Zoom A3 pedal using a Godin nylon guitar. The electric piano sounds are based on the Chick Corea library for Yamaha Montage. The synthesizer sounds in the end of the song are programmed by Alex Hacke for the U-HE Zebra 2. The song also contains some rare sounds of a Chinese Guzhen provided in the East West library „Silk“. 

Track 2 (March 2017):

This song is the first pice of music I created after a very long break of 12 years. I used one basic drum file to record the guitar before putting the base, E-Piano, Organ and String sounds. Finally, the drum overdubs were recorded using a standard kit from the Yamaha Montage. All instruments other than the guitar are recorded using the Yamaha Monntage, which is – next to buying a Fender Stratocaster and a Godin nylon string guitar – one of the best investments into music I ever made.


Track 3 (July 2003):

This song was recorded with a little help from Michael Schad.


Track 4 (May 2000):

Another song I recorded together with Michael Schad. Unfortunately, the digital files are lost. This version was rerecorded using an analog music tape. This is why the quality of the sound is rather bad.


Track 5 (November 2005):